Sunday, November 22, 2015

Christmas! And All Things Chocolate!

I had to borrow this picture from Tatertots & Jello because I didn't think to take pictures last january of my Hot Chocolate party. Also, I wasn't as creative with it, so this year I am going to amp it up and make it really special. Notice that I found some more "cutie pie" Pinterest pictures below for inspiration. However, the party comes after the reading. 

Recently, I posted about the Read to Succeed Program and how I use Christmas Break as the major time to motivate the student to invest in their future by logging in six hours of reading, so kids K-6 can earn a free ticket to Magic Mountain.

I also explained about one of my favorite freebies,  given by Sarah Wiggins, called the
Winter Break Reading Challenge.  (You can see the recent post, HERE).

Here is a picture of how I heated hot chocolate last year. 

This year I plan to make things a little prettier. This is where Tatertots & Jello, as well as Always Order Dessert have inspired me.

For the link, click here.

Well, I have to admit that I was not near finished with the chocolate theme. To be honest, I eat some chocolate every single day, so it is rather important in my life. 

The Chocolate Project, by Room 29 provides informational text on the History of Chocolate
You must check it out!

Included in this freebie are reflection questions, math problems, writing paper, and a timeline. 

Do you have your students read the Chocolate Touch? Well, here is another chocolate freebie:

Each chapter is set up for students. The teacher just prints these worksheets off. I don't have to think up questions, because the author, CreateTeachShare, has already done it for me.

Here is a chocolate web-quest from Linda McCormick
AMC has a free Hot Chocolate Math lesson. 

Katie Conklin offers the Chocolate Touch.

Jenna Rayburn created a chocolate game board. 

Here is a Chocolate Kiss Experiment by Miss Fiorini's Oasis. 

A Cupcake for the Teacher provides another writing page so students can write the directions.
Elementary Lesson Plans provides the mug clipart

Sweet Integrations has a web-hunt and graphing activities.
To wrap it up, Clip Art by Carrie provides the chocolate kisses.

I could go on and on with chocolate, but I'll stop here, because I need to get to work on my class that I'm taking. I have homework even on a holiday. Remember, now is the time to begin planning your January Reading event .... aka.... the Hot Chocolate Party.

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