Saturday, November 28, 2015

Ornaments Provide Creative Opportunities

There are so many great choices for ornaments, that I sometimes have a tough time choosing what I want to do with my students. I will be doing one of these for my December Beach Party. I found these on Pinterest. To go to the original sites, first go to my Pinterest Ornaments Page

Since I have a beach theme in my classroom, I am seriously considering this one.

I have even made a 

This ornament also goes exceptionally well with my 

Another connection to Around the World is this wonderful book
If you click on the picture, you will go to Amazon to find out more. I read this book last year after a student of mine checked it out from the school library. I was enchanted, and will make sure my class has the chance to read this.

Okay, Back to the Outstanding Ornaments:

This one would be a lot of fun too. My students could look around for fun "little treasures

Of course my first decoration that I did with my students looked like this:
These are just plain fun and the kids love them!

I love this one, but think it would be harder to pull off with my students!

Most years I do a special gingerbread house with my students, but I don't use candy. I use  dried fruits, dried vegetables, and nuts. Click HERE to find out about Healthy Houses.

Crayon Shavings! Clever!

I also think this Grinch is pretty clever! It would be perfect for the Dr. Seuss fan!

This post is becoming a bit long, so I'll close for now, but stay tuned, because I have so many more ornanments to feature. You might consider following me by clicking on the "Follow Me" button, which you can find on the side,  to get the latest information and free deals.

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