Saturday, November 21, 2015

Read to Succeed ~ Super Successful FREE Reading Promotion

I first learned about the read to succeed program through my son when he brought home his first "Read to Succeed" paper. He had one month to read an extra 360 minutes. That makes an extra 6 hours of reading in order to get a FREE Magic Mountain ticket. He read, I read to him, and he read some more. It was a huge amount to do in just one month, but he made it. Six hours can seem like an eternity to a little guy who really just wants to go outside and play with his buddies, but he completed his six hours of reading and earned a free trip. Each year through 6th grade, my son participated in the Read to Succeed program sponsered through Magic Mountain.

At the time, my son was not a fan of reading even though he was a good reader. Today, he is a law student and loves to read (which is good since he has to do a lot of reading for his law degree). I credit Magic Mountain as one of the reasons why my son is a reader.

Today, you can start the Read to Succeed program early. I usually introduce it the week before Thanksgiving, so my students can knock out an hour or so during their week off.

Right before Christmas Break I announce (Actually, this year, Eddie the Elf will announce a little motivating surprise) To see more of Eddie's antics, Click Here.

a fun way to read during the holidays, and then when we get back to school, we will have a hot chocolate party for all of the students who read during the holiday and fill up their cup with reading marshmallows.
This is a free product I found at Teachers Pay Teachers by Sarah Wiggins. Sarah put together a little reading challenge using the hot cocoa theme. Each marshmallow has a clever way to read, so students can stay engaged as they read. For example, they may choose to read to their pet, or to read under the christmas tree. As the teacher, you establish how long the reading period should be. I know thirty minutes is a long time, but if they read that long, the students will have read 5 hours by the time they fill their cup up with marshmallows.

Sarah's product goes so nicely with the Read to Succeed Program, which ends March 1st. We also have parent conferences in January, so that gives the students a final 6 weeks to complete their six hours beyond the homework reading.

If you have not created an account to participate in the Read to Succeed program, then 
please click here. This is the same location to go to if you have already participated, but just want to re-sign-up and print the reading pages.

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