Monday, November 9, 2015

Relating to the "Tough-to-Understand" Kids

I've been looking around Twitter to get some help with those "Tough-to-Understand Kids" and I discovered some good advice. It was a little refresher course, so I thought I would share it with your.
 This article is by Dr. Allen Mendler. He gives 4 tips:
1.Express gratitude to your difficult students.
2. Use Encouraging statement everyday (here are a few)
  • You really hung in there by _________.
  • Wow, you pushed yourself today, and it really worked out.
  • That took some special effort.
  • It's not easy to ________, but you are making it happen.
  • Your cooperation is really appreciated. Thanks.
3. Act toward your worst student the way you act toward your best student.
4. Send the parents a "positive postcard."
Click on the picture above for the full article.

I hope you noticed that I labeled this the "tough to understand" kid vs. the Hard-to-like students. I did that for a specific reason. I believe that kids are easy to like when you understand them. For those of us who love children, we just need to understand them. 

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