Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Sharing Spectacular Views of Charon

Here are some photos of Charon.
Scientists are finding mountains, canyons, landslides, and color variations on this little world.

The canyon on this world is at least a 1000 miles long. It covers the face of the moon and probably extends to the far side. Chaon's canyon is four times as large as the Grand Canyon on Earth and twice as deep in some places. It looks as if the moon is split open.

Charon is half the diameter of Pluto, and it has the largest planet to moon ratio in our solar system.

I am ending with the same picture I began with because I think the students should do a comparison of Earth's Grand Canyon . . .

. . . to Vallis Marineris on Mars . . .

. . . to Charon.
It is just a thought. Have a great day and let me know what your think!

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