Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Ornaments Provide Creative Opportunities ~ Part 2

There are so many ornaments that would be fun and easy to make in the classroom, that I had to make a second post. Look at these beauties which were found on Pinterest and can be seen on my Pinterest Ornaments Board. To see my first batch of ornament click on  Operation  Ornament #1.
This is a FREEBIE that I posted for the first ornament. To get this just click on 
I think I need to create a few more of these for some of the ornaments below:

What should we call him? This adorable marshmallow snowman would definitely be fun!

I consider this Santa one of the easiest because of the paper curls. 

I absolutely love the thumbprint, and my students did too when they made it. Iended up using red bulbs because I could get them cheaper than the blue ones, but I like the blue ones best!

We are the wildcats, so I can see doing a version of this with my students!


This one is in honor of my grandson, Nicholas, who is working at Disneyland as he attends Biola University. I can't help but think of him everytime I look at this one.

Just plain fun!

Clever and easy. They look cool!

Too cute ~ Snowman

Another snowman that is definitely a winner.

I had to end with Star Wars because I can't wait until the next movie comes out!
Which ornament will your class make?

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