Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Presents from the Teacher

I know, you are wondering why I have a summer toy featured at Christmas time. Well, as a teacher who has a beach themed classroom all year, this is no summer toy. This is a fun gizmo holder in each student desk.  Besides I actually gave my Christmas presents to students in little sand pails last year with gingerbread ornament crafts from Oriental trading last year. 

This year I gave the pails at the beginning of the year, so I don't get to have them on the desks at Christmas this year. I am a bit bummed about that even though I loved giving them out at the beginning of school year.

I must confess that I began this post at the beginning of the year and never got it posted. The bummer is, that I never made these cuties either by Mrs. Plemons Kindergarten. Well, that is on my list for next year.
I did get a "Beginning of the year gift, for this year, but I used it last year as a Christmas gift, so I thought I would share it now, at the beginning of the Christmas season!

My Classroom theme is a Beach Theme because I am a sand collector, so I had to get these cute little sand pails.

When I saw this picture, and the first couple of sentences to Mrs. Plemon's Blog, I just could not resist the picture. I am one of those crazy teachers who are always chanting, "I think I can... I think I can..."

Mrs. Plemons' Kindergarten: Thirty Minute Thursday {Easy Meals for Busy Teache...: So I must confess...I haven't cooked single meal this week... Hey I warned you last week that I don't cook remember? Lets be real,...

I have to admit that I first thought about the teachers I work with. Although I am a teacher, I think any of my colleagues would be delighted to walk into their classrooms and discover this tasty little morsel sitting on their desk. More than delighted, they would feel just a little bit special at receiving an unexpected "thank-you for your many hours of hard work to get your rooms ready," so I'll have to plan that.

Since I already gave these out, what should I do?
Eddie,  the Elf will help me out next week.
I am going to have my students paint this beautiful poinsettia for their parents. My gift to the kids is the frame. I purchase those at the dollar store. 
It is quite easy to do. I put in the DVD from Art with Joy.

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