Monday, December 21, 2015

Truth: FREE Games for Student Response - Comparing the Best

I just read another enlightening article comparing three excellent programs for classroom use: by Melissa Pilakowski. She really did a fantastic job explaining each one in her blog, so you will want to click on her name to see what she has to say about each one.
I have to say that I have only used Kahoot, but Iam expanding my horizons, and am so excited about adding these response systems to my classroom.


There is More!

Melissa Pilakowski has used and evaluated out even more technology that we can use in our classrooms.
Melissa has a very nice chart on her blog for the quick comparison, but she has a paragraph or two about each program, so take a look!
Which ones do you use? 
Which Student Response System will you use next?
Please drop me a note to let me know what you are using. I'm still learning and want to know what works best in your class. This could be a great discussion.

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