Friday, January 1, 2016

1, 2, 3, 4, 5! What a Delemma! Who Can Help?

I have a huge delemma that I have been wrestling with during my Christmas vacation. I need a little help. Here is the problem! I don't know what book to read to my class when I return. Here are my choices: 

Picture Credit: John Bazemore/AP

When I heard about the gorilla, Ivan, I had to buy the book. I am going to read it to my students and am quite excited to share this amazing story. Well, I just ran across another blog post, talking about Ivan and thought I should share it. NPR posted about Ivan in 2013.

Ivan is one of four books that I just can't wait to read to my students, and to be honest, I'm having a difficult time deciding which book I'll start with when I return to school on January 8th.

This is an all-time favorite book of mine, so I am dying to read it to my class, but I haven't managed it yet this year.

Many years I start off January reading Antartic Journal.
Antarctic Journal is about an artist who travels to the Southern most continent to draw. She sounds just like a normal person. Most of the book is in drawing form with a few pictures thrown in. 
My favorite scene is when she describes the adelie penguins and how they go up to her and check her out! It is heartwarming. It is also a short book that would only take a couple of days to read.

I combine this book with my snowflake project and research artic and antarctic animals.
I have even been redoing my webpage for the research.

Another book that I ordered awhile back is Wonder. I have already purchased lessons from TeachersPayTeachers, to go along with the reading. I am also very excited about reading this book with my class.

Okay, now I need some help deciding what to read next. Any suggestions? What book will you begin January with?


I just remembered that I also planned on reading book #5 in January. 

I need to finish this blog, because my problem keeps growing.

Also, I want to thank Teacher Karma for her colorful numbers!

I was enchanted by this book, and ordered it just before school was out last year. This is another book that I have been considering. Oh! I ended up purchasing the movie for it because I spotted it when I was looking for the movie, Summer of the Monkeys, which I have still not found. Oh well. What should I read first?

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