Wednesday, January 6, 2016

New Research Links Porvide New Year Opportunity for Students

I have been working on my Antarctica Webpage and I'm really beginning to like the results. 
Originally, I thought I would not need a page for this amazing continent because it is so undeveloped. But I like to have the kids research Antarctic animals, so I had to put my links somewhere, and wallah! Antarctica began to emerge.

I began with whales and began to find some quality sites for my students to research.
I quickly moved onto seals
These sweet little faces became my seal banner.
I was surprised to discover...
Crabeater Seal, because I had never heard of it, yet they are all over Antarctic waters. Those markings on their bodies are from encounters with leopard seals that tried to have them for dinner when they were pups. 

Some Great Finds:

For some of the whales I found these free articles. They are well written, eye-appealing, and will make great guided reading lessons. 

I found these articles, as well as many other free teacher resources at
the National Marine Sanctuaries. Just click on the picture.

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