Thursday, January 7, 2016

Penguins Provide Powerful Research Opportunities

I love my little penguins. Educlips made all 17 species of these adorable birds, and i have put everyone of them in two places.

The first place I put them was on my blog. If you click on the picture above, it will take you to my Antarctica Page, and the Penguins are half way down the page, or you can click HERE to go to my Antarctica Web Page.

I have looked up quality resources so my students will have no problems finding information about the Penguin they end up researching. Each species of penguin has at least six quality sources. I have also been collecting books for this project, so students will have a lot to choose from.

These Print & Go Penguin Reports are so cute! My students are going to love them. Working on a little form like this makes research for students so easy.

Here is what the final project looks like: 

How does the research begin?

Here is an example of the first 2 pages that I will be showing my students.

Here are the next two pages.

And we have to finish with a simple listing of sources.

This is going to make a fantastic addition to my Antarctica study. 

Have your read Antarctic Journal by Jennifer Owings Dewey?
I have written about this outstanding journey before HERE
One of the things I like about Antarctic Journal is that the book makes me want to visit Antarctica. It is also a journal, so students can get a real glimpse of the power of journaling.

I actually begin my study of Penguins by doing a Web-Quest that I purchased last year.
You can find this little beauty at Linda McCormick's TpT store.

Although I would like to use the snowflake as a Christmas ornament, I don't ususally get to it until January.

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