Sunday, February 7, 2016

The 100th Day of School

We started school a little late, so our 100th day is coming up next Thursday.

The really cool thing our school does is collect books. I teach at a 3rd-5th grade school in a little community, so students who are finished reading book and no longer look at them, bring then to school starting Monday. The goal in each class is to collect 100 books. Last year, my class collected 170 books. Most classes collected over a hundred. I'm not sure how many books we actually collected, but it was a room full.

The books are then used for the Rodeo Parade in May. They are given out to the little kids watching the parade. How cool is that? They are given back to the community to be used again.
I need to get pictures of the parade this year!

One year we also collected cans of food because the local food pantry was low on food. The classes who collected ended up with way more than 100 cans.

100th Day Freebies:

I was looking around TpT to see what 100th Day Freebies are available and here are a couple I thought was interesting:

100th Day Trailmix ~ Freebie
Of course I had to begin with my own freebie! 
Some 100th days we have a "Reading Celebration."
It's always fun to have a Healthy TrailMix. Well, almost healthy.

This freebie is from Little School on the Range by Kara Kasberg Hoelscher, who has donated a page from her unit.
100th Day of School
Here are several activities for 3rd-6th grades by Tied To Teaching.

I just love STEM activities, and here I see one a Free STEM for K-3 and even though I don't teach primary, I have to share, because it is making me feel inspired to create one for my students:
STEM for the 100th Day of School {FREE!}
Click on the picture to see the details.

I have to pause here because I feel

100th Day of School
100 Day School Challenge by Rachel Lynette

100th Day of School Printable Freebie!
Two Pink Peas in a Pod

100 Words for the 100th Day Freebie!
Looks Interesting by KTP On TpT

100 Fun Exercises for the 100th Day of School
100 days Smarter in Language Arts {100th Day Scavenger Hun

100 Days of School Math Fun with Pattern Blocks {100th Day

ONEderful: 100 Days Smarter {100th Day of School FREEBIE}
This is a "must do" for my students this year. I love the idea and it gives them time to reflect on what they have learned.

Brag Tags : 100th Day of School
The name says it all.

100th Day of School Sudoku Fun (Elementary)

100th Day of School Writing Prompts {Freebie}

75+ Ideas for 100th Day

100th Day of School

100th Day of School FREE (5th grade)

$100 Shopping Trip- 100th Day of School!
Fractions and the 100th Day of School
Since we are working on Fractions, I had to include this.

100th Day of School Brag Tag

100th Day of School  - Race to 100!

100th Day of School Fun with Pennies!
100th Day of School Choice Board
100th Day Bag Tags {FREEBIE}

I Spy 100 Words!
50th and 100th Day of School Activities for Upper Elementa

How the Years Pass...A 100 Day Celebration!


100th Day Activity - You Nerd

100th Day/Valentine's Acts of Kindness {Freebie}

100 Day of School Word Generator

100th Day of School for Upper Elementary

Can You Think of 100 Places Around the Globe?

100th day of school multiply/divide activity

100 Day of School Freebie!

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