Saturday, February 6, 2016

Thoughts on Writing ~ for Non-Writers

I have always considered myself a non-writer! Yet, I am writing a blog, and a thesis, (which is why I haven't posted many blog posts lately.)

I am also a classroom teacher. My classroom job takes up a good twelve hours a day and I am constantly running behind and trying to catch up, as we are required to create a new test every two weeks for our students in ELA and math. The students don't learn that quickly so, we are also reteaching and testing.

One concern I have for my students is how to help them to become better writers. When I was a student, we did not do much writing, and when we did have to write, there was not real instruction on how to make our writing better, so I am always on the look-out for great writing tips I can pass onto my students. One of the blogs I follow is written by Pernille Ripp, a classroom teacher who has published quality books for classroom improvement. You are not going to want to miss her thoughts on developing student writing identity.
I'd actually like to share these thoughts with my students, so they can realize that although writing takes time and practice, it is an achieveable goal that they can master.

I just purchased Teacher Karma's Interactive Reading Notebook ~ Book Reports ~ Comprehension Strategies. The first activity is "About the Author" meaning the students, to help them take ownership. Another thing that caught my attention is the up front advice on how to teach and model each behavior that takes place when working on the notebooks. I know my students don't usually consider this kind of activity as "writing," so they tend to "dive in" and get working.

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Teacher Karma, has also introduced this product with a Freebie.
{FREEBIE} Interactive Reading Notebook * Popcorn Themed Bo

Here are a few writing freebies that I have discovered:
FREE Bio Poems Made Easy
If you haven't tried any of Laura's lessons, you are in for a wonderful suprise, because everything she creates is top-quality.

If you want to sneak in some writing during your math lessons, then check out Ashleigh's, Draw a Story Problem.
Draw a Story Problem
I just couldn't resist adding this lesson on Penguins ~ because I think Penguins are so adorable.
Penguin Writing Freebie ~ Read and write about 6 species o
Melissa Michael has put together a quality study, that when taken to the next level, will produce a very nice little report on these adorable birds.

Here is Lucy Caulkin's Writing Workshop Video Series. This is the first one in her series.

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