Friday, March 4, 2016

How Do You Teach Kids to Cite the Text?

I have been trying to teach my students how to cite the text, but my lessons haven't taken. I have begun to look around for some quality ways to do this, and look what I found.
This 3 minute video clip by Imagine Easy Solutions walks the students through the steps of citing and explains when and why to use citations in a much clearer way and it is more entertaining.

During my first year as a 5th grade teacher I had a group of students working on a PowerPoint presentation for the CyberQuest competition. We were near the end of the project and the students had to make a bibliography. All but one of the students had no clue what a bibliography even was, so I started to explain. The one student who knew what a bibliography was piped up, "I know what we are going to do, we are going to use EasyBib." She gave the lesson, and presto! Instead of one expert, I now had eight of them. 

Here is a student testimonial about EasyBib for your students, by Michael Dodge.

Here is a great tutorial for EasyBib.

The kids need to read this one.

PressEnglish does a really nice job of demonstrating how to cite the information on EasyBib.

Google Docs has made it even easier to use EasyBib write in the document.

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