Thursday, March 3, 2016

Kids' Day ~ March 8th

One day a year the Fresno Bee is sold on every corner. This year, March 8th is the day, so get your dollars ready because the proceeds go to support the efforts of Valley Children's Hospital, and the families with sick children!

Each year, my fellow teaching buddy, Marie and I, purchase newspapers for our students. This year we thought we would share how we use the newspapers in the classroom with our simple PowerPoint and directions. We have altered our leson plan several times by adding to the workload to create rigor and then taking away parts of the lesson to make it practical. We think we have hit on the perfect combination to promote reading, comprehension, and authentic discussion; as students navigate through the newspaper.

The kids are amazing as they read the paper, see the pictures, and talk about the articles. This is authentic discussion at its best. We don't have to say, "Partner A talk to partner B."  Our students actively engage in reading these articles since the articles are about kids like them. Periodically, a child in the community has been ill, so our children can relate to the articles in a way that a regular book often doesn't.

There are three different worksheets you can use to have your students record. I personally like this one the best. There is plenty of room to write, but general enough that I don't have to redo the questions each year to fit the articles. The questions also allow the kids to make choices about the articles that catch their attention. The discussions happen naturally, because the students connect with different families in the articles.

If you would like more information on Kids Day, or would like to volunteer, just click on the links.

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