Monday, May 2, 2016

Mother's Day Ideas: A Fresh Perspective

Once again, this year, I am planning on having my students design their own Fruit Bouquets. I was going to post a link to last year's information, when I realized that my fruit bouquet project needed a facelift. Well, the facelift turned into a STEM project that I am so excited about.

Students collaborate as a team with a $10.00 budget for this project. I will use the play money from our math materials. 

Students must decide as a team which fruits and how many will be used. They will need the foundation items, but will have plenty of money as a team for the fruit.

 Wait a minute! I am getting ahead of myself. I begin with a mini lesson on the health benefits of the different fruits, then I jump into the math part of the project.

Students decide as a team what they want to spend their $10.00 on. They use this sheet to work the problem for their team, and then for themselves.

We do the math before lunch and then write out the card.

After lunch we construct the bouquets. If you set up right before lunch, then you will actually get to eat lunch. I like to put either plastic throw-away plastic cloths or large butcher paper down for the mess. I also have a class set of cutting boards. You can also use paper plates. After lunch, students wash their hands and then get started. Each year I am amazed at the creativity and the care that students put into this STEM project.
I have step my step directions that I give out once, and then keep up for students.

I have also included another page with links to quality kid-sites for nutrition.

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You Know How I Love to Share...

I just got a freebie from Jenny K, an adorable Mother's Day card.
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