Friday, July 1, 2016

Growth Mindset Resources ~ Hearing, Seeing, Reading, Tasting

Yesterday I featured some of the great resources that I discovered for growth mindset. Well, this morning I read about some new ideas that I must share! Megan, from Middle School Mob, shared her growth mindset snack.

Megan also offers this free recipe with the explanation for each of her choices. You will definitely want to click on her name or the snack picture to get this fabulous freebie, which is listed at the end of her post. 

As you read the Middle School Mob post, you will find a great book list that she uses as well as three terrific video clips. I have added the video clip links to my webpage where I am gathering online resources. You will want to take a look here.

I have also been gathering many pins for Growth Mindset so you will want to follow me on Pinterest.

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