Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Trendy Brag Tags Influence Student Mindset

My school has been using brag tags for many year now, and I have always loved it when the kids wear their tags to school. As I joined Teachers Pay Teachers, I realized that many teachers make their own tags in addition to using the purchased ones. After trying out some of the tags at Teachers Pay Teachers, I decided I loved the idea of the tags.
Well, I had to begin making my own. I have great plans for creating a set of Beach themed tags. I will actually begin with AR points, but I wanted to have something on the desk for my students when they come to school the first day. 

Last year I had these little cuties on the desk and will again, but the brag tags will also be included

I decided to begin my first brag tag with "Welcome to the World of 5th Grade" because I want to promote a growth mindset and a global perspective. As a sand collector (I am crazy about collecting sand, often share what I am finding). So I am going to share it with you. Click Here to get your free set. Stay tuned for Accelerated Reader, and Beach Party brag tags. 

Through out the year, students look at sand under the microscope to see its uniqueness after they have studied about the location. (Another huge focus this year will be growth mindset.) I really feel like the growth mindset and the global perspective go hand in hand for my students and I'm looking forward to exposing my students to both.

Since I mentioned my beach parties, earlier, I thought you can read about my Beach Parities here.
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