Saturday, September 17, 2016

Students Experience Authentic Learning at the Fair

Wow! How time flies at the beginning of the school year. There are so many things I have wanted to blog about, but there have not been enough hours in the day.

I finished off the week with a winner! I took a class to the fair as part of their social studies, science, and literature studies. It was a true STEM experience. I am from a rural county with a small but important country fair. Several days of the fair are open to schools so students can experience the culture  and science of the fair.

We began our morning panning for gold, silver, and gems. The troughs were loaded. The students were ready for the petting zoo and so was I. There was the cutest little black lama, but since we had to wait, we moved on.

After going through several more exhibit halls to see student art, 4-H displays, canned goods, samples of the areas produce, we visited the animal stalls and met a young lady working with her Holstein cow who explained how she cared for animal. We saw many students working with their animals as part of their school day as this experience is very educational for these future farmers. Unfortunately, I was busy talking to students and did not get pictures of this all-important part of the fair.

The students saw dairy cattle, goats, and sheep, but missed the rabbits and chickens. Still, no pictures.

A new exhibit for our fair was a jungle safari with some interesting animals. I couldn't pronounce the name of some of them but here is the Canadian Lynx. 
Although I don't like to see animals caged up like this, my students were able to see this little guy up close, and he was beautiful.

There was also a Siberian Tiger cub taking a nap.
The person in charge stated that this 18 month old tiger cub was very gentle. So gentle in fact that he played all day with an egg which was still in the kennel.

The next event was the Hogs & Dogs Races
Front row seats in the shade! It doesn't get any better than this. The races were short, but a lot of fun! Check out the videos below.

Monday, the students will begin documenting their trip to the fair. 

The cover was inspired by this years fair logo, but they didn't have a black and white version, so I made my own using clip art from some of my favorite TpT artists, Creative Clips and Educlips

I love foldables and I just could not resist.

This is my first foldable with little dividers. 

I have uploaded it my TpT store and it is FREE for the remainder of the weekend. 
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If you are working with agriculture, here are two more free opportunities. I just ask that you leave feedback:
Free Cattle & Agriculture

This FREEBIE is just for third graders. 
Third Grade Cabbage Contest

Back to the fair!

After the pig races, it was time for lunch. We were very lucky to find shade under the big tent. A group was setting up so we stayed to watch. Half the class ended up in the show! 
What great performers!

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