Sunday, October 30, 2016

Halloween Treats for the Teachers

I used to love, love, love, trick-or-treating! As teachers we spend a lot of time and energy trying to make Halloween a special day for our students and kids. So this year I am going to post some "treats" for the teacher in hopes of making the day more special for us.
I just posted this freebie full of fall backgrounds that could be embedded into any PowerPoint presentation.

 Tomorrow, Halloween, I'll post this second freebie that has lots of printable foldables. It seems like I am always needing foldables for my interactive journals, so here are several that are ready to go.
Both products are free, but I have to say that I would appreciate a quick feedback.

Tired of giving out candy to hype the kids up? Here is a quick printable Restroom Punch Pass for 5 free visits to the restroom.

My students use their classroom economy money to purchase restroom passes, which they use when needed and are considered very valuable. They love getting this pass as a gift and it doesn't make them hyper, so I love it too.

Here is another fun freebie that I ran across from Kelly Malloy and her group of great teachers:
This one is not guaranteed, but it is a quick easy sign-up, so jump right over to An Apple For The Teacher, and you might end up with this special treat!

Free For Today

I couldn't resist. I actually have two title pages because I couldn't decide which one looks best. Please let me know below which one you think is best.
This is such a simple STEM activity to throw together. You just need cheese balls and toothpicks. 
You will also need 

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