Wednesday, October 5, 2016

One Dollar Deals

What a great time of year for some Dollar Deals! This week I have 6 products reduced to just one dollar. Just click on the pictures to take you to the correct page. 

If you are ready for a STEM project, then Barge Building is a must. This STEM project goes well with the study of Explorers.

I use the family shields with Columbus, but they could also be used with family studies, other explorers, and a study of Europe. 

 I can't seem to resist these little hats. 

This is a fun new product with many classroom banners.

If you do any sort of election at your school, this PowerPoint will help you. I use it when the students are giving their speeches. Some years I just write in the students' names, and then other years I add their pictures. Either way, the results look spectacular as students walk to the podium to give their speeches.

This is a vocabulary builder. I assign a word of the week, and students embed the definition, and quality sentence into a poster. They become works of art as students focus on a major "learning point" each week.

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