Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Beach and Beyond

Here are some of the treasures I have dug up for you this weekend.  How about a Freebie and a very good deal? I'm sitting at my desk amongst tubs of sand from around the United States. I desperately want to finish my maps of each sand to represent the locations, but I am also motivated to work on my "Beach Themed" products. 

I have just added my conference folders and materials that I used during my conferences. I'm pretty excited about them and I think they look great!
My covers go from K-8 in both word and number form, but the picture on the front is the same. They are set up in PowerPoint so teachers can just type in the name of the student before printing.

I can't believe the whole project came to 50 pages.

Here are some of the tools I use for conferencing:


The maple fonts are some of my favorite fonts to use because they are so clean to use in any size and they are FREE. Robyn Hyndman has done an excellent job on these fonts which thousands of people have downloaded. Click on the picture above or on Robyn's name to get to this amazing freebie.

My Growing Beach Bundle is turning out to be an excellent way to save some money. My Beach Themed Conference Folders provides 50 pages of high quality graphics and design, not to mention tools for leading your parent teacher conference. Check these out:

I have this page with the programs I use listed, but you are able to put in your own unique information that will save time when preparing for each family.
I used to just tell parents where there child should be, but this chart really helps the parents to see if the student needs to up their reading time. By asking families to post this in a prominent place in the house, I have found that my students increase their independent reading time, which results in higher reading levels by the end of the year.

We use the DRA reading assessment and have discovered that students have difficulty answering certain questions. As a result, we have created our own set of questions to assist students in digging deeper into each text they read by practicing these skills at home as well as in the classroom.

And, of course no conference packet would be complete unless you have a parent sign-in.

I usually finish off my folders by adding "take home" and "keep at school" folder pockets...
so they look on both the inside and outside.

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