Friday, January 20, 2017

Inauguration 2017 has Become a National Learning Day for Kindness, Empathy, and Civics for 30 Reasons

Thanks to Tracee Orman for this beautiful clip! Don't forget to click on her picture above, or her name to see the special resources she has created for you.

As this Inauguration has unfolded we have seen a very divisive campaign from those who have disagreed with the election outcome. Regardless of our political beliefs, throwing tantrums, setting things on fire, destroying neighborhoods, belittling people for their views when they are not the same as yours is both unkind, and in many of these examples,  breaking the law. 

Teachers all over America decided to teach about kindness, and not bullying, by providing free resources that promote kindness, integrity, empathy, and civics. 

You can find these resources on Teachers Pay Teachers by clicking on the hashtags:

Here are some of my favorites so far. Just click on the pictures to get to the resource. That goes for the resources pictured above too.


Well, I know that I have gone a bit crazy, but I love looking at these free resources. I know these teachers have gone to a lot of work to create quality lessons for America's children, and I want to thank them. I plan on using them in the weeks to come as my students study the book, "Wonder", and as we will soon begin our "Trout in the Classroom" service learning project.

Please let me know which ones are your favorites. I would love to hear from you.

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

How to Turn Research Into Quality Writing

For the last couple of years I have been working with my colleague, Marie Rodriguez-Gonzalez (the kids call her Mrs. Rod-Gon.) to develop a comprehensive research and writing project using penguins as the theme during the month of January. We have both really had fun with the project, and have watched our students do some amazing writing. 

We actually begin with a fun web-quest. Originally, we used this amazing product from created by Linda McCormick.
Even the web-quest has morphed and we now use this new product.

In an earlier post, I have written and explained about the first steps in the writing project. Click here for the earlier information.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Penguin Research Provides Real Rewards

I am so excited to introduce my Penguin Research Foldables Project. I started it last year and have continued to work on it. This year I have added lines to the foldables so students can produce neater writing. I have also included a "links" page for each penguin that can be pushed into Google Classroom to help students with the research and note-taking. I have mini-lessons to help students with the actual research and note-taking part of the writing. My goal is to have students feel comfortable looking up information, reading about it, and then putting information into their own words.

The more comfortable students fill with putting information into their own words, the better writers they become. Studying about these cute little birds give my students to opportunity to practice reading, comprehending, writing, and listing resources that will carry into other subjects.

There are two free penguin products for you to try out. Just click on the pictures to get your freebies today. Since I just live finding freebies and I had to make sure to include a couple in this product.
Last year, when I gave students the choice in which penguins I wanted them to study, both the Snares-Crested & Yellow-Eyed penguins were ignored, so this year I plan on beginning with them for my mini-lessons. I have also made both of them FREE, so click on the title or the picture to get yours today.

I absolutely had to add a STEM activity to do with my penguins.
Students love a "hands-on" approach, and I have to admit that there are no penguins in the area for the students to actually see. Having them look up information and then create adorable foldables is the first step for me. I have to add that this is part of my "Around the World" series, as students will store these little foldables in their suitcases until "Open House" in May. They will also get passport stamps for each area where they penguins they study live. I will be working on that next and then post to let you know when they are ready.

I still have a few days before school begins, so I have my work cut out for me. What is your favorite penguin?

Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Years Educational Savings Event

Image credit: Educlips

Happy New Years! In my opinion, New Years is the best time to get great savings on products. That's why all products in my TpT store  are marked down to save teachers 20%. I know many other teachers have marked their products down as well. Just click HERE to visit my store.