Monday, February 13, 2017

Three Reasons Why Valentines Day is Special to Students

Have you ever wondered by Valentines Day is considered a special day in the elementary school classroom? I have three reasons why the day is special to students and some tips for making it a school day they will cherish.

First, Valentines day is special because there is usually candy involved. Let's face it. Who doesn't love chocolate? Most parents and teachers give the kids some type of little treat. In my classroom, I combine this treat with the poem "My Mother's Valentine," by Jack Prelutsky. It is a fun poem to say and my students write it out on valentine cards, and then recite it for their parents. To make it more special, I give them a box of chocolate, so they can give it to their Moms.

Can you tell I love chocolate? Normally, chocolate would be number two, but I couldn't resist placing it at number #1.

Number 2 is easy! Lets face it. For most people, we are still in winter. Many days are cold, foggy, rainy, or even snowy. A lot of colds are going around. The sun does not always shine, so the pink and red of Valentine's Day makes for a welcome change to students.  It has been awhile since Christmas, so Valentine's Day gives the students something to look forward to. 

Additionally, in many classrooms, students get to do art projects and create their valentine holders. 
Here is what my students are creating:

This was a STEM project done at home. I sent home boxes and paper. I also used the following PowerPoint to inspire my students creativity. It will be marked half price until after Valentine's Day.

Finally, this is a time of year when we say and do nice things for others to show that we like them. One of my favorite books for this season is "Roses are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink," by Diane de Groat.
One theme of this book is be nice to your friends, and find ways to show your friends how you appreciate them. At this point, I encourage my students to write nice notes to each person in the class. It is not mandatory, but I am always pleased with how many people take on this extra writing to show their appreciation. 

If you don't have the book, it is okay, because it is also on You Tube:

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