Friday, April 21, 2017

Dollar Day Deals for Earth Day Starts Today

I began thinking about Earth Day and realized that I actually have quite a few products that are related to our amazing planet Earth, so I decided it would be fun to have a "Dollar Days" celebration.

I decided to begin with one of my all-time favorite California beaches, Pfeiffer Beach. This beach actually has purple sand. When I discovered that there was such a thing as real purple sand and that it was only four hours from where I live, I had to go and see it. 

After visiting the beach, I had to create a close-reading of it. To find out more about Pfeiffer Beach click on the product or the link HERE.

Are you thinking about a theme for the next school year? As a sand collector, I could resist doing a beach theme. Here are a couple of products you might be interested in:

Teaching responsibility by promoting leadership is such an important skill that helps students get ready for their lives as adults.

I am a huge proponent of setting goals, and I have students set reading goals each month. My school uses Accelerated Reader which makes setting reading goals easily measured.

My Oceans of Good Reading Chart is the chart that I use most often.  Since I began using this chart to keep tract of AR reading points, my students read more, get more points, and show more growth on their assessments.

Need a classroom library system? Here is my set up. 

Newest Products

Since it is Earth Day on Saturday, I'm going to offer my newest Earth Day product for just $1.00.

If you haven't already, don't forget to grab by Earth Day Freebie.


Since I didn't get my new Easter project out until after Easter, I thought I'd offer it as part of my Dollar Day Deals
I have to say that my Easter Science is going to be a favorite of mine because the little experiements are easy enough for kids to do on their own, and they make a super fun Easter Basket. This project was a total hit with my class.

Here is a STEM activity for students to discover how craters are formed. The crater pictured is the Arizon crater. This is an activity that can be used when teaching about space.

This is a quick and easy experiment. Students just need a jar with a lid.

Here is another Freebie!

Study about the World

I love studying about other cultures and the world around us. A friend sent me a sample of sand from Pitcairn Island, so I made a close reading activity out of it. 

I couldn't resist.  I had to add this fun research project.

I thought I would end with a WOW! That is, word of the week. This little beauty can be used with any subject. It represents your big idea for the week or word of the week.

Happy Earth Day,

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