Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Free Art Lessons from NGA

I just ran across a set of free art lessons from the National Gallery of Art. They have a free app that your students can use.
I found out about this amazing app from iGameMom. She has some great information that I won't repeat, so you can read it on her blog by clicking on her name.

I also want to include some information that I discovered. Here are a couple of videos. The first on is call the NGA kids Zone

Here is a 2015 art contest for Earth Day by NGA. You could show the video to help inspire your students to think about Earth Day and then have them create something for Earth Day

The NGA Kids  site has the program in two formats

1. For iPad ~ just click on the picture below

2. on CD for computers and notebooks ~ click on the picture below

The program has 10 sections to explore:

  1. Protrait
  2. Landscape
  3. Seascape
  4. Still Life
  5. Action Painting
  6. Exploring Color
  7. Color Field
  8. Collage
  9. Sketchbook
  10. My Art Gallery

Works by Artists include:

The artist links have been included because I have researched student links for those artists and they are on my webpage.

Here is another resource for Edward Hicks (added 4/11)

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