Sunday, April 30, 2017

Three Easy Steps to Showcase Student Achievement During Open House

Open House has always been about the students showcasing their work. Still, when parents enter they classroom, they would look to me for a mini-conference about how their child is doing. In a desire get students at center stage presenting their work, I created an Open House Scavenger Hunt.
 It worked brilliantly! Now, after hosting 35 Open Houses, I can say, that Open House is truly all about the student's progress, because the students explain how they are doing, what they have learned, and how that will make them better students.

When I created the Scavenger Hunt, I had three goals in mind for my students. Here are those three goals.

This is really the introduction. I wanted students to show their work. They have been collecting projects in their suitcases throughout the year. They also have interactive journals, and a "Trout In the Classroom" Notebook.

 Each student explained what they learn and how. They also explained what they put in each colony. This student included grain and livestalk as well as the factories.
 This student showcased the farming conditions of grain, but added the factories for textiles and shipbuilding.
This student focused on the livestalk.

 This year it was all about the technology. Students chose of one of the favorite math websites to demonstrate.

Students love using the above websites. I have links on my webpage. Just click on the picture to get to the links.

I am so excited about my scavenger hunt that I would like to make it available free for teachers now through teacher appreciation week. Just click on the picture below for your free Open House Scavenger Hunt

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