Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Digging Deep for Teacher Treasures

Well, I'm at it again! Let's see what treasures I can dig up.

For those of you who know me, you know I love learning about "Around the World" and this little beauty fits the bill perfectly. If you join the Knowledge Quest mailing list, you will be sent a country a month. Pretty cool, eh?

Here is a fantastic deal! Enter to win a year's supply of pencils. I'm willing to get on this mailing list for a year's supply of pencils! Click on the picture above join the contest.

Teacher Appreciation FREEBIE #2

Figurative Language & Poetry Reading Word Wall or Flashcards


Thank You FREEBIE SURPRISE #2 (P4 Clips Trioriginals Clip Art)

Teacher Appreciation Clip Art Surprise! Day 2

Teacher Appreciation Freebie #2 {Creative Clips Digital Clipart}

Mother's Day FREE: Mother's Day Craft and Mother's Day Rea

Sticky Notes Clipart (FREE today)

Teacher Appreciation Printable

Teacher Appreciation Freebie -Day 2-
Another surprise from Artifex.

Free Pythagorean Theorem Lesson : 8th Grade Curriculum Sam
Lindsay Perro

Free Writing Inequalities Lesson : 7th Grade Curriculum Sa
Lindsay Perro

Area of Squares, Rectangles and Triangles Lesson : 6th Gra
Lindsay Perro

Free Adding Mixed Numbers Lesson : 5th Grade Curriculum Sample
Lindsay Perro

Don't forget to sign up for the gift card giveaways by clicking on the following pictures:

Teacher Appreciation Surprise Set # 2 ● Daily Freebie ● Cl

Interested in another giveaway? Click HERE

FREE Poetry Lesson, Father’s Day Card Materials for Older

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